2020 - Recovery plan Flemish Resilience

The Government of Flanders presented the "Flemish Resilience" recovery plan during the September Declaration in 2020. 

The plan - for which the government is releasing 4.3 billion euro - aimes at strengthening Flemish prosperity and the well-being of the Flemish people after Corona.

Seven ambitions lie at the heart of "Flemish Resilience": 

  • Keep the Flemish healthcare system among the world's best
  • increase the effectiveness and efficiency of government
  • Transform Flanders digitally
  • Make the economy and society sustainable through decarbonisation
  • Increase government investment in public works
  • learn to live with and manage the virus
  • Strengthen our human capital - investing in people and talents

The recovery plan is available in 4 languages:

pdf fileRELANCE Vlaamse Veerkracht (249 KB)

pdf fileRELANCE Flemish Resilience (285 KB)

pdf fileRELANCE Widerstandsfähigkeit flanderns (297 KB)

pdf fileRELANCE Résilience flamande (301 KB)

RELANCE Flemish Resilience - cover