Concept Paper Development Cooperation anno 2030

On November 18, 2016, the Government of Flanders approved the paper "Flemish development cooperation in the year 2030: towards a new identity for Flanders as a partner in development".

The landscape in which development cooperation is being done, undergoes drastic changes in terms of actors, instruments and goals. These include inequality, changing balance of power and the impact of the digital revolution. But it is mainly the climate issue that forms an important "game changer". In order to remain relevant, Flemish development cooperation needs to be reoriented. A policy innovation is therefore in order.

With this concept paper, the Government wants to translate the Sustainable Development Goals, or the Agenda 2030, into the Flemish development cooperation and update its vision on development cooperation.

pdf fileVisienota Ontwikkelingssamenwerking (3.54 MB)  (only available in Dutch)


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