The cultural dimension in its international relations is of great importance to flanders . The Flemish cultural diplomacy:

  • supports the cultural sector and creative industries in their international ambitions and networking where useful, always aiming at promoting cooperation and exchange,
  • enhances the international visibility and reputation of Flanders through the arts and heritage sector,
  • considers culture as a bearer of values and believes ​​in the international relations of Flanders and the European Union,
  • fosters mutual understanding and trust in the relations with foreign countries.

The Department of Foreign Affairs acts as bridge between the broad cultural field and the diplomatic network of the Government of Flanders. It supports specific projects or initiatives abroad either representing the shared interests of the cultural sector and the government, or by means of exchange of ideas, values ​​or traditions, fostering relations with other countries. For each of these cases the department consults with other entities such as the Department of Culture, Youth and Media, Tourism Flanders and Flanders Investment & Trade.

The department works together with: