Flanders Trade and Investment Strategy 2016

On 25 November 2016, the Government of Flanders approved the new Flanders Trade and Investment Strategy.

It is a renewal of the Flemish trading strategy that dates from 2007. A lot has changed over the past nine years. The world economy, and consequently Flanders, found itself faced with a banking crisis, budget crises in various European Member States, slow economic recovery, a British referendum on the UK leaving the European Union and decelerated global growth. Separate from these negative elements, the past development goals and a climate agreement. The decisions above demand an adapted policy and are certain to produce effects in the future too, including in the areas of trade and investment.

The present memorandum on the Common Trade and Investment Policy of the EU identifies the Flemish interests, policy objectives and policy instruments. It is intended to serve as a reference document that sets out the Flemish markers, focal points and priorities when the European Commission negotiates trade and investment treaties on behalf of (what, for now, are still) the 28 European Member States. The memorandum also reflects the Flemish view of the future of the investment agreements negotiated by the Belgium–Luxembourg Economic Union.

pdf fileFlanders Trade and Investment Strategy 2016 (4.01 MB)


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