The Government of Flanders decided in April 2006 to choose Malawi as their third partner country for Flemish development co-operation on the basis of a comparative study between the five least developed countries of southern Africa. 

The decision of the Government in favour of Malawi fits its strategy of assisting the international fight against poverty. The cooperation with Malawi is predominantly in the sectors of agriculture and food security. The Government supports programmes enabling access to agricultural extension services, facilitating access to the market, support of farmers' organisations and the right to food. Specific focus areas within the cooperation are the role and position of women in the agricultural sector and the impact of climate change on the food security of the country. 
As part of the implementation of the 2014-2018 country strategy paper, the Government of Flanders has provided 25 million euros for a period of five years. Cooperation partners are the Ministry of Agriculture of Malawi, multilateral organisations.