Minister-president Jambon releases 200 000 euros for emergency aid Beirut

  • August 17, 2020

Minister-president Jan Jambon is releasing 200 000 euros for emergency aid to Beirut, hit by an explosion in the port area on 4 August with more than 170 dead and thousands injured. The minister-president is thus responding to the Lebanese Red Cross's international appeal to raise 19 million dollars.

Red Cross Flanders will be responsible for the correct distribution and follow-up of the Flemish emergency aid, in cooperation with the German and Lebanese Red Cross on the spot.

The Flemish emergency aid focuses on the many families who became homeless as a result of the explosion. And specifically on the most vulnerable households: families that cannot rely on support from the Lebanese government or other humanitarian organisations, families without a fixed income, households with persons with disabilities and groups threatened with social exclusion.

60% of the budget will go to the purchase and distribution of emergency items such as hygiene kits and food parcels. This will help about 8000 families over a month. 40% of the budget is earmarked for the purchase of medical equipment to maintain the level of assistance. In this way, the Flemish Humanitarian Action policy is followed, whereby on the one hand urgent aid is provided and on the other hand reconstruction and disaster preparedness is deployed.

Minister-President Jambon: "We must now show solidarity with the Lebanese population that has been severely affected by this deadly explosion.”

Rode Kruis Vlaanderen

foto: @epaphotos