Young diplomats get acquainted with Flanders Foreign Policy

  • September 2, 2019

Participants of the Young Diplomats Forum , visited the Flemish Parliament on Monday 2 September. The group consisted of 120 students and young diplomats from all over the world.

During the visit, Secretary General Julie Bynens introduced the participants to the foreign policy of Flanders. She emphasized the importance of a strong  foreign policy: 

“For Flanders, being present on the international scene is of the utmost importance. In fact, you might even say that for Flanders - in a Shakespearian way - the adage “to be, or not to be” could be rephrased as “to be international, or not to be international, that is the question”. Because for centuries, Flanders has been a hub for international politics, trade and culture. And it remains so today.”

Flemish Parliament Chairman Wilfried Vandaele and Flanders Foreign Affairs Department Director Freddy Evens both presented a short introduction of their organisations.