Strategic Goods Control

Welcome, our unit is the contact point for all your questions regarding the control on import, export and transfer of strategical goods and is the licensing authority for these imports, exports or transfers that have been made subject to licensing.

This involves on the one hand defence-related products and related material, and civil firearms, as governed by the Flemish decree of 15 June 2012 and the decision of the Flemish government of 20 July 2012, and on the other hand dual use items, as governed by the EU Regulation No. 2021/821 and the decision of the Flemish government of 14 March 2014.

Please note that the Belgian Constitution prescribes that official government documents must be issued in the language of the Region. Any document our unit issues to a company can therefore only be in Dutch. Our licences are in Dutch as well but follow the European templates.

Below you can find our contact details.

General contact

Departement of Foreign Affairs
Strategic Goods Control Unit
Havenlaan 88 - bus 80
1000 Brussels