Development cooperation

The development cooperation of the Government of Flanders invests in global sustainable development, where no one is left behind. We coordinate and engage in dialogue with the United Nations, the European Union, the OECD and governments in Southern Africa to help implement the Agenda for Sustainable Development and fund programmes that further the Sustainable Development Goals.

To achieve welfare and equitable prosperity within the carrying capacity of the earth, we encourage INNOVATION, we use a SYSTEMS APPROACH and we proactively foster COOPERATION. We consider gender, good governance and human rights as fundamental values for sustainable development. This vision is reflected in our programmes whilst we also monitor the fundamental values in international negotiation agendas.

The Government of Flanders opts for a strong focus on three partner countries: MALAWI, MOZAMBIQUE and SOUTH AFRICA. The policy to be pursued for each country is set out in a country strategy paper. The global sustainable development goals also imply engagement in our own region. Therefore we also focus on FLANDERS in order to broaden the support for global sustainable development. We cooperate with and establish partnerships and networks between NGOs, the private sector, governments, citizens and multilateral organisations.